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Huntington Beach, CA


I'm very happy with TMA and Master Fahim. I didn't think my son (6) could do so well with martial arts, and my daughter (4) absolutely loves it. Master Fahim's teaching style makes the difference for us. I would defiantly recommend the studio for all ages and ability levels.


Laguna W

2/1/2018ods, CA

Therapeutic Martial Arts can be fun as well as honorable. Classes have a solid foundation as well as good fundamentals. Here discipline is practiced and learned. 
Master Fahim as well is an excellent instructor. Good person with a pleasant sense of humor and a great love for his school.


Lake Forest, CA


My son (6) loves taking TKD classes here.  Master Fahim is great with the kids.  He teaches discipline, respect, assertiveness and confidence.

Pia C.

Aliso Viejo, CA


My 3 (almost 4 yo) son is only on his 4th session and I have noticed a difference in his behavior, attention and maturity.  Very grateful for discovering this studio and Master Fahim!

Elicia Y.

Garden Grove, CA


Master Fahim is truly the best. He takes the extra effort and care to provide individualized attention to each student while also teaching values of respect and self-esteem. His classes  are a great workout and I love the energy he brings!


Nicholas S.

Lake Forest, CA


Therapeutic Martial Art has help my 3 boys  tremendously ages 12 , 7  & 4 . my 7 year old had surgery on his knees & hips , regular physical therapy did not help . He couldn't walk or stand up tall ,now he can walk more then 10 steps  & stand up tall . So happy  I found Master Fahim

espect and self-esteem. His classes  are a great workout and I love the energy he brings!

Ruby R.

Fountain Valley, CA


I've been a long-time student of Master Fahim's and I have always been impressed with how much he cares about every student he teaches. He cares about his students' development into good people almost as much as their martial arts development. He is so patient and had no trouble reaching even the most difficult students. His approach to teaching Taekwondo is one that emphasizes respect and discipline and he is a wonderful person to learn from.

Adrianna R.

Mission Viejo, CA


My 6 year old is really enjoying his class. He is learning respect, self confidence and self-defense through Tae kwon Do. Master Fahim is great with kids of all ages.

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